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Egyptian Male Gods - WiccanWorld Amenhotep, (previous Pharaoh) (Veneration center:- Memphis) Lesser god of building and assistant to Ptah.

Amon, (Veneration center:- Heliopolis)

Anhur, (Veneration center:- Anhur) A warrior god. Worshipers wore robes and carried a lance just as their god did. Anhur is a desert dweller, his temple is shrouded in the desert sands.


Anubis, (Veneration center:- Abydos) - Guardian of the dead.

Apep, (veneration center:- Nun) - snake looking god. Sets watcher of history.


Bes, (Veneration center:- Tanta) Egyptian dwarf god who guards against evil spirits, he is also the protector of children, and god of the earthly pleasures.

Chnum, (Veneration center:- Elephantine) God who brings fertility to the Nile. He is the one who shapes and moulds the children to be ready for birth.

Dedun, (Veneration center :-Luxor) God of wealth.

Duamutef, (Veneration center:- El Quantara) One of the four sons of Horus, God of Fire and guardian of the east.

Geb, (Veneration center:- El Giza) - God of the earth, husband of Nut.

Hapi, (Veneration center:- Dumyat) One of the four sons of Horus, god of Water (flooding of the nile) and guardian of the north.

Horus (Veneration Center:- Kom Ombo) The earliest royal god was the shape of a falcon, with the sun and moon as his eyes. The sky-god was the ruler of the day.


Imhotep (previous scribe) (Veneration center:- Philae) Once a scribe, Imhotep was elevated to god status after serving the kings of the land. Son to Thoth and Maat, he is a lesser god of scribes and magic.

Imsety,(Veneration center:- Saqquaro) One of the four sons of Horus, god of earth and guardian of the west.

Khenmu, (Veneration center:- Elephantine)



Mentu, (Veneration center:-Luxor) Paatron god of war and death.

Min, (Veneration center:- Koptos)

Nefertem, (Veneration center:- Tanta) Son of Ptah and Sehkmet, holder of the Lotus, and watcher of the four sons of Horus.

Osiris, (Veneration center:- El Giza) Father of Horus, husband of Isis, son of Geb and Nut

Ptah, (Veneration center:- Memphis) The archetect of worlds.

Qebshenuf, (Veneration center:- El Giza) One of the four sons of Horus, god of Air and guardian of the south.

Ra, (Veneration Center:- Heliopolis)

Renenet, (Veneration center:- Koptos) God of fortune and luck.


Set, (Veneration center:- El Kharga)


Shu, Brother and twin of Tefnut, son of Ra and Hathor.

Sobek, (worship centr:- Edfu) He was a crocodile god.

Sokar Sokar(Seker)

a god of Egypt Thoth is the name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian god Djeheuty

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